Thursday, November 12, 2009

The World of a Working Mom

So everyone has been asking why I just haven't been posting as often as I used to....well, I have entered; or re-entered the world of being a working mom..but for real this time! For months now I have been working tirelessly to build my business. Of course you didn't think I had picked up a regular JOB, or 9-5...I'm too stubborn with too many kids to be punching the clock. I am a free spirit that requires freedom to sleep during nap time and chat with my girlfriends on rainy days, but I still love MAC makeup and shoes, Jimmy Choo designs for me( shhh, don't tell anyone, its a secret to even him right now), and here lately the travel bug has bitten me. I have this overwhelming desire to drag, fly, pull all 6 of my kiddos across the world and experience new cultures and lands. I want them to really know something outside of North Carolina. There is so much of this beautiful world to see and I want to teach them to give to others, always. So needless to say, all of those things require additional financial I have started my own business, and I have a product for each and every mommy that surfs upon my awesome blog. So take a moment....Please, pretty please, and visit my new website. Put your info in...I promise not to bite or harass you and then look around. I'm sure you'll find something you love. And if you have me or email me. And just in case you're wondering do the products really really work, take a look at my before and after photos. A picture is worth a thousand words. Happy Shopping from the comforts of your computer and pj's!


  1. Congrats on the weight loss! I'm always so impressed with people who launch their own businesses. I think it takes a mental fortitude I lack!


  2. Congrats to you! That takes real hutspa to start your own business and I wish you the best of luck! Going to check it out now!

  3. Best of luck on your self-employment! I hope you get to realize your dreams and take those kiddies on the trips of their lives :)

  4. Wow that NBC video made me a believer! Now I've got to save up so I can buy my mom one. She'd love it.

    My best, Lynn


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