Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Tyler

Fourteen years ago, my precious Tyler made me a mom for the very first time. I remember not knowing what to feel. I was so young and scared. I had decided to give him life against the advice of some credible others in my life. I found myself pregnant with Tyler during my freshman year in college. His father nor I had a job and really no way to provide the essentials in life for him, but I knew he would be special. The first night I brought Tyler home, I watched him all night. I could hardly sleep because it hit me that I was responsible for shaping and caring for the little baby that slept in the bassinet next to me. He would wake up at night and wanna look into your eyes for hours. Wow, he carried that one for the first 6 months of his life....can someone say sleep deprived! The big, little baby that I gave birth to 14 years ago has developed into the most handsome, respectful, helpful young man I know. He is so mature for his age. He is a little camera shy so I'm gonna have a time digging up a picture of him. Tyler is one of our star athletes. He excels in track, being nationally ranked, and football. But what I can honestly say I am most proud of is his character. He is that young man that everyone loves and wants to be around but he is always rooting for the underdog. It isn't uncommon for us to find Tyler defending someone else. I can still remember a very tall 2 year old Tyler running through my mom's house kicking and hitting things just because. Awww, now I'm getting teary eyed as I realize that I have gone through the majority of years that he will be in my home. In a few short years, I will have to release him to the world to fly and impact the lives of others. I watch as the little girls grin at him and I think, thats my baby, knowing that sooner than later, I will no longer be the most special lady in his life. Ok, I'm gonna have to stop here, cause I'm getting teary eyed, but Happy Birthday T-Will!


  1. Here's to a great birthday for Tyler!

  2. A birthday for them means a "Celebration of making it through another year" for us! Happy Celebration to You! --- a littel late.....

  3. I'm a couple of weeks late, but happy belated birthday to your son. Mine just celebrated his 16th yesterday. It does go by so fast.


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