Meet the Artis 6

This is leader of the crew,Ty.  Because he is the oldest most of the younger ones think he knows everything there is to know about life.  In their minds, and probably his, he is smarter than both my husband and me...yeah right!  He's a true athlete and is involved in every sport the school will allow him to participate in.  Unfortunately for me, he does not have his own personal chauffeur as of yet. He's a pretty normal teenager that doesn't give us too much trouble.  At this point we have decided that he's a keeper.
Every house needs a Diva... and I have one that fits the description perfectly Meet My Ms.Sista-Girl. She entered "double digits" a couple of years ago and can't wait to get to 16 so she can drive and find independence.  Ms. Sista-Girl has that "only child" mentality.  We have four children younger than her, but for some reason that doesn't register. She still seems to think that the world should cater to her needs...secretly I understand exactly how she's feeling, but as a mom I must constantly remind her that there are other people in the house to consider. She loves all things fashion and design related. I fully expect to look up one day and see her designs on the backs of fashionable women everywhere.
My Sweet LeahPeahDeah...Did you mention something about not being able to really see her face in this picture?  That's just the way she wants it.  Outside of the comforts of our home you can find her quietly enjoying nature on her own.  When people speak to her she politely responds in a little church mouse voice.  Inside the comforts of our home, you will find her running, yelling, and terrorizing her brothers in between her regular poetry writings.  She's a tom-boy, and the Loud-Quiet element of the house, Ms. Hurricane...a quiet eye inside a terrific storm.  
Living up to his name...Ike is the family's daily dose of laughter.  The funny thing is he doesn't try to bring laughter into the room and can become offended if you laugh too hard.  He never meets strangers.  He speaks to everyone, adults and children everywhere.  He has that something that makes people smile and want to carry on conversations with him.  He is full of energy and regularly uses that energy to scare the begeezees out of me with his flips, twists, and turns in the air. He thinks that is funny.  

SaySay...Diva in training.  She runs the house. She is the strong willed one, determined to have her way.   SaySay is the ultimate Daddy's girl.  She learned the art of stroking his ego a long time ago.  From the time she was born SaySay had something to say. She has been talking as long as I can remember. As a matter of fact she hasn't stopped yet.  I guess the beauty in all of her talking is that most of the time she has something of substance to say.  SaySay is the older twin to Drew.  She takes pride in telling him that she was born first.

Drew is the baby of the house.  I really wanted to post a picture of him crying. I have quite a few cute pics of him crying. It has become his weapon of choice.  When he's not getting his way using sad faces you can find him following Ike or Ty around. He's quickly picking up the art of kicking, flipping, and turning also.  Unlike Ike, he hasn't broken any bones or had numerous visits to the urgent care for head injuries requiring repair.