Monday, December 7, 2009

Creepy Crawlies for Dinner

Every family has a picky know that 1 child who has a grand total of 5 foods that they will consume. Well because we have about 2.4 times the number of children the average family has, we have 2.4 picky and 1 extremely picky eater and 1 mildly picky eater. Drew is my extremely picky eater...we never chose what we'll eat for dinner based on what he eats. If we did, our diet would consist of french fries, hot dogs, chicken, fruit, and any kind of healthy, card board looking wheat cracker. What 3 year old, picky eater prefers fruit and card board crackers???? Well, to get on with the story, Drew went with my sister for dinner yesterday. My sister is an avid seafood for dinner yesterday they decided to have crab. The minute the waiter brought out the crabs, Drew felt the need to inform my sister, very loudly, that the things they were eating were nasty. She said he repeatedly protested to them eating the crabs and encouraged her to have a hot dog with him. He was concerned that the crabs were not dead, and even protested to the folks at the neighboring table enjoying their crabs. Upon returning home last night, my 3 year old came to me looking very concerned. He said "Mommy, Auntie was eating bugs." My sister had already told me about dinner, so I decided to play along and replied, "What? What do you mean Auntie was eating bugs?"
"She was eating some bugs with legs, that have hands, and it was orange, and it can crawl around, and it was nasty." I could barely hold in my laughter b/c he looked so concerned. He later told me that she was using a hammer like Papa at the table. "You're not supposed to use the hammer at the table, right? Only on the wall, right?" By this point I could no longer hold in my laughter. He actually wanted me to have a talk with my sister. And this morning he tried to convince his twin that they should talk to Auntie together, which normally would have been a great idea, except his twin is the child that eats and enjoys everything. She decided she was upset that Auntie didn't take her to eat bugs too.
Seafood and picky should NEVER go in the same sentence. As a matter of fact, I don't eat any seafood because I can't get past the way it looks. It always looks like someone just caught the animal and threw it on your dress up to confuse me, and convince me that I'm not eating my pet goldfish? Nevertheless, I've decided that maybe I should encourage Drew to try some different things....any suggestions for encouraging a picky eater? Drew and I could really use them.


  1. ROFL!!! OOOhhh my gosh, this was funny! I can picture it exactly because they do ask those types of questions in succession..."you're not supposed to use hammers at the table, right?" "Only on walls, right?" LOL! Thanks for sharing! You gave me a great laugh!

  2. Oh, and as for suggestions for picky eaters, you can always sneak the foods they need into the foods they like. For example, my daughters love smoothies, so I pack them with the veggies and grains that they won't eat if they see them on a plate, and voila, Quinoa and beets are ingested in a clever disguise as a fruit smoothie. I also used to give certain foods character names, but that only works up until about 4 years (at least in our house). For example, pasta and broccoli, would be "Backyardigans Treasure Hunt Pasta", which miraculously, transforms it from yucky to yummy! LOL!

  3. LOL! "You're not supposed to use the hammer at the table, right? Only on the wall, right?"...priceless!

    thanks for visiting Marlie and Me! Merry SITSmas to you too!

  4. lol! I have a VERY picky eater over here too. Somehow she only likes breakfast foods and chips!

  5. I too have a picky eater.....This is a great post... If it wasn't for peanut butter and jelly, soybean pods and crackers....we'd be in a pickle! Right now I'm just trying to get him to 45 lbs by the 1st grade......... Once again...great post.

  6. Stopping over from SITS -

    My daughter used to be VERY picky about seafood as well. One day I picked out all the meat ahead of time & just put it on her plate. She LOVED it! When I told her where it came from, the ick factor was gone & now she thinks crabs are fun! (yeah that sounded funny haha!)

    Good luck with Mr. Picky!!! =)

  7. My brother used to call seafood "bugs" when we were growing up. Then one day my mother chopped, battered and deep fried the fish to make it look more like the french fries and tater tots he was used to eating. And then she LIED to him about what it was.

    He gobbled it all up. Once he got over the ego bruising of her treachery, he slowly came around to trying more things.

    Stopping by from SITS.

  8. While a picky eater may be tough to handle, it is nice to know that some of what you teach them ("no hammers on the table") actually sticks...

    Happy SITS day!

  9. Cute, cute, cute. Tell your little one that I don't like seafood either, I think it's nasty too LOL!

    I encourage my family to try new things, because that's how my mother raised me. But it doesn't always work though. Kids are individuals and they like what they like!

    Showing some SITS love.

  10. I enjoyed your crab story. It reminds me of the time I was at a restaurant with friends and one of the women ordered fish. However, when the waiter brought her plate it was the entire fish including the head and the tail. She stared at the fish with a squeamish look on her face, until someone said. Well, you'll be ok as long as the fish doesn't wink at you !!! Submit CUTE or FUNNY photos and tell friends to vote for them. No entry fee.


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