Sunday, January 17, 2010

Wonderful Weekend

Remember the feeling of dating when it seemed that all of your man's actions were a result of feeling like his every thought was of making you smile? Remember feeling like he forgot your imperfections because he couldn't bare to live without your unique perfections? Have you ever felt like he payed attention to every little detail wondering how many surprises he could fill in a day and overwhelm you just to see you smile? That's what I've felt like all weekend. This weekend was one of my wonderful but few child-free weekends. Usually I take it upon myself to selfishly plan every detail of these weekends. I usually plan some sort of weekend getaway b/c I don't want to look at all the toys and clothing that need to be put away, the weekends usually turn out pretty nice but always fall just a little short of perfection. This time I left all the details up to my husband, and of course I told him in plenty of time, a week or so.....I've come to learn over the years that he really doesn't have that mind-reading thingy down so well, I've tried the whole subtle hint thing and that doesn't always go as planned either. Its so much easier to just be....CLEAR....rather than romantic and confusing when letting him know what I expect.
Well, he created a perfect weekend. Friday he planned a quiet romantic dinner at a wonderful local restaurant. Who knew I missed talking, and laughing...or giggling rather, while gazing into my hubby's eyes in a dimly lit room. Sat. a wonderful cleaning service came in and magically made all the dirt and clutter in my home disappear. It was followed up with a shopping trip for favorite, a pedicure, dinner, and a movie, and DUTCH APPLE CARAMEL CHEESECAKE. All my favorite things. He has been listening all these years! Did I forget to mention that he gave me the pedi. Yes, my wonderful hubby dug out that expensive vibrating foot soak that I swore I would use all the time when I purchased it and prepared a bubbly warm foot soak, then massaged my feet, moisturized them, and he even painted my toes.......and toenails....hehehe. I hardly lifted a finger to do anything other than hide my grin all weekend. Ahhhhhhh, he's so wonderful.


  1. I am absolutely envious, you married a fairy!

  2. What a great guy you have there! My hubs is good, but not that good!

  3. Nice! What a legend of a man!

    For the record... I too, have one of those expensive foot things that I swore I'd use all the time. I should have learnt from other friends experiences, but I really thought I'd be different. Turns out... I'm not!

  4. You are a lucky woman! A cleaning service--- GENIUS!
    Thanks for visiting me on my SITS day last week!

  5. GLORIOUS! I love it. My husband is the same way - when we get a few mins alone - although that is VERY rare, as in last Valentine's Day for a couple of hours. Speaking of which - I gotta get planning for that!

    SO happy you had one of those weekends!




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