Monday, August 30, 2010

I know, It's been forever

It's been forever since I shared on my blog and of course being the wonderful always prepared mommy that I am, I have the reason prepared, quite simply I've been extremely busy doing double duty as a mommy and tutor, (for the life of me I can't understand why my kids teachers keep giving ME so much homework! Don't they know all that paperwork is multiplied times 6 in my house!) back to my list of excuses for neglecting my all knowing wife (I've been doing a pretty good job of keeping up with hubby's shoes, sock, etc. Any good wife has learned that at some point hubby's is going to begin asking you where are the things that only he wears) a full-time student, overworked cook, And housekeeper. The list could go on and on but all moms have the same list and right now who cares to hear the violins playing to my woe is me list....there are much more important issues at hand like the whole reason I am able able to blog with ease this morning while waiting for child #2 to hop on the bus. This is my first post from my handy dandy iPad! It's wonderful. It's a busy mom's answer to the prayer for help with organizing the lives of the pupils of AU (that's short for Artis University). In an attempt to install family pride and a sense of "I descend from greatness" in our children, my hubby created AU. It's where they learn come from and how to be the best them. The hope is just maybe they won't grow up and realize that we were "feeling" our way through this whole parenting thing. Just maybe they won't find out that we don't have a clue of what to do next, we've been experimenting on them the whole time. It's been awhile since he gave them a lesson. Actually I had forgotten all about AU until my niece came over yesterday singing the official AU anthem. Anyway, this post is about my shiny new iPad not hubby's ingenious AU idea. (the whole iPad thing was his idea too). Wait a minute, is it 7:52? Dang, #2 missed the bus. I gonna have to finish this later. That gives me a great idea. Can one of you creative app folks create an app that allows me to yell out to my iPad what I want it to do? Then I need a iPad holder designed for my truck, you know one of those things like the state troopers have to hold those laptops huge enough for me to read from 2 cars over. Well I gotta go. #2 has to be at school in 4 minutes and we live almost 5 minutes away....and the hectic-ness begins.

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