Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Little Kid's Word of the day

Today's word: deogurant - dee-o-gu-rant
meaning: cold deodorant
used in a sentence: Drew: "Yes, I put daddy's deogurant in the refrigerator"
Mommy: with a puzzled look....."Why?"
Drew: in a matter of fact tone....."So his underpits don't get hot!"
Mommy: "Ok. Sounds good to me. If you like it, I love it"


  1. Oh, how I love things little kids say!
    They are so funny.

  2. kids do say the key-ootiest things!---my 5 year old grandson walked in my room and said "da-drad-u-lations grandma!" it caught me off guard and i asked him what he said, again he said "da-drad-u-lations grandma for being a good grandma!" that made my heart melt into a pool of love--thanks for sharing--oh yeah, i'm following you know--love your blog!--remain blessed!!!


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