Wednesday, September 29, 2010

No Big "BUTs" this year

Its that time of the year. My babies are in year round schools, which means they have completed the first quarter. All parents know what that means......Parent/Teacher Conferences!!! This may or may not mean anything to you. It all depends on who and what your child is like as a student. I have little ones that fall into every category. I have the quiet as a mouse during school hours Leah Peah Deah....Miss Leah Peah Deah always does well academically and never gives the teacher an ounce of trouble. I always sign the conference forms the minute she brings them home. I'm anxious to meet with her teacher because I know there are only gonna be sweet words said about her and then some years, I even have teachers who want to know how to get her to speak more in class.....Then I have my precious middle son. I always put his conferences off to the last day. I carefully prepare myself before visiting the teacher. Its not that he's a bad child or a bad student but he hasn't quite grasped the concept that school really isn't a social event. Just last week he accused his teacher of not giving him enough time to talk with all the kids in his class. Well, I have spent the past few days in parent/teacher conferences.....and as always Leah's teacher had more than enough wonderful things to say about her personality and progress academically. But today was Ike's conference. Now remember, I said he's not a bad kid. His teachers always start the conferences off with telling me how much they love him, and he's such a joy to have, and he brings an element of happiness and fun to the class, and how adorable he is, and how he gives them that huge smile while staring at you with those big brown eyes, and he smothers them in compliments daily...(yes, my 6 year old son is a huge flirt with older women)....So I was breathing and waiting, waiting for the big BUT, and guess what?!? There was no huge BUT!!!! He's on target academically, although he hates doing his reading, and writing, and his teacher doesn't give him enough social time, and oh yeah, he does have to sit at the table alone so that he doesn't feel the need to question his peers about what they are doing, and where they are going after school, and what did their mom cook for dinner last night, and did their dad have to work today, and she did say that he organized a "slapping contest" during recess last week to see who could slap the hardest, and a play fighting contest for the boys to see who is the best warrior, and don't worry there was no hitting or punching involved in the fight only real kicking and air swords,(he loss both contests, ending them in huge crocodile tears as he layed in the floor, rolling and being dramatic) and don't worry he happily explained to the teacher that his friends should not be punished because it was all for fun, they were just playing, and did she say he has been doing flips in the cafeteria? Yes, I think she did .....but other than that he's doing great. Thank God for the first year of no big "BUTs"! We're off to a great start!


  1. Hooray for no BUTs! Your little man sounds like a riot, I bet he's a gem :) I love conferences too, my daughter typically has good things from the teacher, but I also really like the glimpse into what she's like at school.


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