Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

It is only right that my Mother's Day writings would focus on the many women that God has navigated through my life that have played such an important "mothering" role in me becoming the wonderful wife and mother I am today. I am blessed to still have many of them here on earth with me to celebrate this special holiday. I want to send "shout outs" to the following women who have had a hand in shaping me into who I am.
Debra Allen- my wonderful God-appointed birth mother, she raised me and pored everything she had into me, I am thankful that in a couple of hours she will be reading this. Thanks mom for everything,including my love of writing.

Maggie Harding - my granny- she is still teaching me that sometimes sweetness wins people over, I don't always have to share what I am thinking with people, She is a woman with incredible patience and sweetness..

Sarah Johnson - my granny- she taught me early on that sometimes you just gotta let people have what they are asking for, She also taught me "eyes on, hands off!" She is a woman with incredible strength and endurance.

Patricia Artis - Don't let the size fool you! She may be small in statue but mighty in strength and commitment. Without her I wouldn't have my wonderful husband. She is a loving mother-in-law.

Joyce Johnson - my step-mom, She has taught me that love crosses all boundaries, and an organized life can eliminate alot of grief!

Paulette Savage - my surrogate auntie -She has taught me to love me, just like I am, beautiful brown skin, full hips, locs in my hair, and all. I am beautiful.

Catherine Blackwell - my first customer - Loyalty and commitment are better than gold, without her commitment to seeing me be successful I would never have had a successful full-service salon for 6 years.

Selma Bunn - family friend - Never allow your situation and people's opinions determine your future. I will never again allow someone else to inflict their negative feelings about me, on me. My bad decisions are just that and I will always recover from them.

Barbara Keith - my auntie - A will to fight and live a full life will bring you just that. I can have the things I desire, if I determine that they are worth fighting for. (Thank you for never giving up your fight!)

Bishop Rosie S. O'Neal - My relationship with Christ is most important, above anything else, and he has equipped me with everything I need to create the life I desire.

And the only one no longer with me.......

Cora Larkins - She nurtured my love to create and encouraged me to become a hairstylist when I was very young. Some years later she came back and helped me build my salon. She taught me everything she knew about hair. She believed in me. She helped take care of me during my pregnancy with my twins and adopted Sarah as her grandbaby. She spoiled her ROTTEN! I miss her smile and laughter dearly.

To all my Mamas - I LOVE YOU!!!! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!


  1. That was beautiful! Sniff Sniff.

  2. It takes a village to raise a child. It's good to see you had a village filled with strong women.

  3. What a lovely post - you are very blessed to have such great women in your life!

  4. hi courtney,
    wow, you are truely blessed to have so many wonderful "mothers" in your life! and i am sure you are a wonderful mama yourself! i'm following you from mbc, stop by and "holla" anytime!


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