Monday, May 4, 2009

I'm Back, and there is Potty Drama

So, I got the one night and half of a day off, and it has taken me 2 1/2 days to recover! I fully intended to blog about why 20 hours of vacation from house management turned into an additional 40 hours of overtime work but I have a much more serious issue. ONE OF THE TWINS REFUSES TO POTTY! We have this theory in our home, after explaining to everyone the purpose and location of the potty in the house, you are officially POTTY TRAINED! It is up to you to become a practicing potty-er. Well not completely up to you, we work with you, remind you, and provide guidance but essential you have to make up in your own mind that you are going to be a practicing potty-er. So right now we have 5 practicing potty-ers and 1 non-practicing potty-er. Drew who will be turning 3 next month refuses to potty! He is not interested and he doesn't subscribe to the whole "big boy" thing. When you mention to him that "big boys" potty, he replies, "I'm Andrew!" When asked does he want to be a big boy, he replies "No, I'm Andrew." Why, Why, Why? I am so tired of changing pullups and he seems to be fine with it. When all the older children turn up their noses and tell him he stinks, he just walks by them and looks like they are the ones with the problem. His twin sister is a fully practicing potty-er during the daytime, night is a different story but I can live with that. I can't remember the last time I actually had to change her. She potties and proudly announces to everyone what she has accomplished and if you don't remember to tell her you are proud, she will ask "Aren't you so proud of me?" Drew is just not motivated in the same way. He doesn't care that I am not proud that he is soiling all of his pull ups, he doesn't care that I am not proud that he is walking around behind me smelling like..........well I can't think of the words to describe what he smells like, but my grandma used to say when you eat grown folks food, you have grown folks poop. Can anyone offer any words of encouragement or advice to get Drew practicing? It is my desire that everyone in the house is a practicing potty-er, including Drew.......uh....I gotta go change him now!


  1. Ahhhh, the joy of potty training boys. I just finished training my now 3 year old son. He was totally not interested. Two months before his third birthday, wehn he would ask for a pull up to put on to #2 in, we just left hime nude and he figured it out in no time...

  2. Ha!! I'm grateful to be out of that phase of life. I have a house of practicing potty-ers. I remember thinking back then, if I could just get the kids potty trained I'd be a successful Mom! No words of advice...some kids just don't mind sitting in it!

  3. Just think...if Drew was potty trained, you wouldn't have content for this hilarious post to share with us! Thanks, Drew (smile). It'll be over soon. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

  4. So that is what is waiting for me ?
    I want to start potty training , but have no idea where to start!
    I have you as a follower , but you followed a blog that is not active, sorry , could you follow my other blog?
    Coming from the 100's club.

  5. oh i so feel for you... I thought my son would go from pull ups to depends. And he went into first grade still wearing them at night.

    so clearly i have no advice.

    but you have my sympathy!

  6. i wish i had advice, but i can really only say good luck since i am on the verge of potty training 3 toddlers at once.

  7. I shared this with my friends with non-practicing potty-er. Hilarious!


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