Monday, May 4, 2009

Proud Mommy Moment

There is so much that comes along with being a mommy but by far my favorite moments are what I call proud mommy moments. These are times when your child does something that makes you realize what being a mommy is all about. So yesterday my oldest daughter, (9 yrs old) comes home and tells me she would like for me to take her to the store to buy a birthday gift for one of her closest friends. I'm thinking.......ok, how much is this gonna cost? To my surprise, she has her own money!! Who knew and where did she get if from, but that's another blog, well maybe not, she received it for doing so well on her report card. So Great Job Patrice! but getting on with the story...... She decides to give her friend a Ben and Jerry's gift certificate. Great gift, her own money, this is sounding better by the moment! So she steps up to the counter like a little lady, selects the gift certificate she wants, pulls her wallet from her purse, like a little lady, pays for her purchase and then get this.......She tips the cashier and said thank you!!! (sniff, sniff) The cashier was shocked and could barely utter out thank you. She is actually watching me and pay close attention. Just when you think that your children are not listening or paying any attention to any of the things you do, no matter how hard you try to set a wonderful example for them, they do something like that to let you know, although they may not think you're cool or hip or hot or fly or whatever it is the kids are saying now, they do realize that you are indeed smarter than them!


  1. Well give that girl a high five from Auntie Angie. So proud of her and you must have been floored. Cause I know I am.

  2. Those are priceless moments. I love the feelings I have when I see my kids doing something I've worked to teach them. You feel like maybe all that work has not been in vain afterall! Love your blog BTW! Thanks for stopping by mine today!

  3. Aww looks like that little lady has a good mommy! Love those moments!


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