Tuesday, August 25, 2009

All is Well!

Tuesday morning brings much anticipation of well needed and desired sleep. Over the past couple of days I think I experienced every emotion conceivable. From extreme happiness and excitement as I watch yet another little one prepare to enter kindergarten to sheer exhaustion from days that brought things I never planned for. It all started Wed. night. Just as I was beginning to unwind and relax for the night I realized that my wonderful hubby would be leaving for an awesome men's retreat with our church on Thur. morning. While it was a great opportunity for him, I had not begun to prepare myself mentally to be home with his little clones for several days with no relief or backup adult (have I ever mentioned that my wonderful hubby is also wonderfully loud and active?) and I had not washed or packed clothing for him. Yes, my dear hubby is fully capable of washing and packing his own clothing, and he will gladly do it several moments before he is scheduled to leave but thats something I enjoy doing. Its a labor of love. I enjoy helping him prepare and letting him know just how important he is by doing little things that I know he appreciates, little things that say "You're on my mind, I enjoy this love thing we share..." So anyway, after helping him prepare, lets skip through a very hectic, chaotic but normal Thur. and Fri.and arrive at Sat. I had promised the "schoolers" that we would drive 30 min. to the clothing outlets and do a little last minute school shopping. Thankfully my lovely sis. agreed to keep the the "non-schoolers." "Non-schoolers" and shopping do not make for a happy mommy...After hours of grueling shopping, we get home only to have Lil Ike try some new flips, turns, and somersaults that result in a broken hand...and every mommy knows that broken bones do not come without many tears of pain from the child and tears of pain from the parent after an extended wait to see a Dr. Sometimes I think the wait at the ER or Urgent Care is punishment for somehow "allowing" your overly active child to figure out the best way to break a bone.....yeah, just what I needed. Oh, did I mention that awesome hubby didn't return til Sun. night? So needless to say, I approached Mon. morning tired, sleepy, grumpy, nervous, hungry (eating goes with every emotion) and prayerful. After hours of sitting in the hospital waiting on Drew to come out of surgery, expecting the best scenario but emotionally prepared for any of the many avenues that Drew's healing and recovery would take, I was overwhelmed to hear the surgeon say that Drew's surgery was a complete success! There were no remnants or return of the cholesteatoma, and he was able to place in the delicate ear prosthesis. Over the next couple of weeks my precious Drew will develop "perfect" hearing. He will be able to hear all the beautiful sounds that our creative God designed, with clarity. So now my prayers have switched to hopes that he will turn down his volume a notch!


  1. What wonderful news for you!

  2. Sounds like you've been a tad bit busy. And what wonderful news for Drew!

  3. That is such incredible news! I'm so happy for you.


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