Monday, August 3, 2009

Artis 6 Update

I miss the days of early morning inspirations, and long blog writing, but that was all before summer school. Now-a-days, the minute I have something to blog about, I also have something to study or some paper to write. Since I only have a few minutes to happily tap away at my keyboard for my own selfish pleasures I will attempt to quickly update everyone on the adventures of the Artis 6.

Drew is headed back to surgery at the end of the month. The doctors are hoping not to find any remnants of the cholesteatoma they removed in the earlier surgery. The plan is to reconstruct his ear bones with titanium. As the Dr. explained all of this to me, I'm thinking, ok, well at least he won't be able to tear that up and then the Dr. actually said, "For the four weeks immediately following surgery we will need you to keep him calm."
I respond with "Well what do you mean?" In my mind I'm thinking we are talking about Drew Drew, the three year old that climbs and jumps or falls, and flips off of anything. The Dr. then proceeds to explain to me that there is a possibility that the titanium ear bones will tilt over if Drew has a hard bump or fall. So I told them to go ahead and plan the surgery to sit the ear bones back up, unless they plan to sedate the little rascal for the 4 weeks. While I've been on my blogging diet, Drew has climbed up the shelves in the pantry several times to obtain whatever snack is on the top shelf. I tried to prevent the climbs and jumping down by moving the snacks to the bottom shelves and moving cooking items to the top shelf. Who would have thought that he would need the cooking items too? Just the other week he climbed up to get the corn meal off the top shelf. Apparently he and his twin sister wanted to create a beach in the middle of my den floor using corn meal for the sand and bowls and spoons for the shovel and pail......they get their creativity from me.


  1. Oooohhh no! How do you keep a toddler calm for a day let alone FOUR weeks!

    I hope all goes well! You'll be in my thoughts!

  2. Ugh, I'm just finishing up my online college classes myself...who's idea was it to take classes in the summer anyway??

    Wishing you luck with your son & his surgery!


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