Tuesday, August 11, 2009

First Kiss

During the month of July, the supertwins (Leah-an old 5, and Ike- a young 5; they are 11 months apart) attended a wonderful summer camp at an awesome church just around the corner. They learned so much about God, friendships, and life, and the cost was only $25/per child for the entire month. I learned how quiet and calm my house is when they are gone. Well, everyday they came home with new stories of things they had learned. Its been a little over a week since camp ended, so the stories have been gradually slacking off, until last night. My hubby and I were relaxing and enjoying a quiet night watching "The Soloist." Every member of the Artis 6 should have been in the bed, but as you know, bed time is not a great time in our house. So being true to who they are, Leah and Ike burst into our bedroom overflowing with words. They were talking so fast and their voices were filled with emotion. In Leah's voice I hear concern, anger, a tinge of "hate". But Ike's voice is filled with opposite emotions. I hear supposed dislike and happiness, excitement.
Leah blurts out her version of the story first. "Ike kissed a girl!"
My hubby pauses the movie and I sit straight up in the bed, "What? When! Who?!?!?!"
I see a grin cross Ike's face as he hurries to defend himself, "Well, No, She kissed me, I mean she tried to kiss me but I stopped it, I told her no, don't kiss me, I just put my hands up like this, and then I told her, I'm not your friend." The entire time he's talking he's putting his words to motion with hand movements motioning how she leaned in to kiss him but he crossed his arms in front of his face to tell her no, but she still somehow managed to kiss him, or did she just try? Who knows? Ike's story is a little confusing.
By this time, I am attempting to look serious and hold back laughter as my husband questions Ike about the situation.
It is obvious that Leah doesn't care for this young lady who apparently attempted, and succeeding at kissing her younger brother, but who also hit, pushed, or possibly punched Leah. Ike claims to never have seen the passing of licks between the little girl and his sister. He knows he daddy doesn't allow for the hitting of his girls. But Ike really didn't want to discuss the passing of licks, he wanted to explain and replay over and over how the little girl sat down beside him in the cafeteria while he was supposed to be looking for his sister, and the little girl just kissed him. He "said" that he told her he wasn't her friend anymore, but his grin and his eyes said, he never really meant that. He was definitely her friend. She gave him his first little smooch on the lips, and he didn't even have to work for it. He said she is a bad girl in camp and she was often sent to the Principal's office. My hubby continued to question him to get more details. "Well, did she kiss anyone else? Why do you think she kissed you? "
Ike responded with "NO! She didn't kiss anyone else. Just me. She always got in trouble so she never got any stickers at the end of the day. I got all the stickers and I got to move from here to here (motioning to us how his popular sanguine personality wooed the teachers and thrust him to the front of the room)." He was voted Camper of the Week twice by teachers and students and Best Camper at the end of the camp. So in other words I guess he was saying he's just got it like that!
At some point during his explanation I looked at the anger building up in Leah's face and the excitement overflowing from Ike's face and I could hold it no longer. I ruined the entire parental conversation by bursting into laughter. I never expected Ike's first smooch to come at 5, and I'm not sure how I would feel if this was one of my little ladies handing out smooches to the little boy with the most stickers but I do know that Ike was very happy that it happened.


  1. That's funny the different reactions to the incident...can't imagine what it'll be like in 10 years!

  2. Visiting via SITS!

    Gosh 5 seems young. My DD is in first grade. No kisses to my knowledge.

  3. Cute story! Just stopping by from SITS to say hi. I hope you have a wonderful day!

  4. That is sooo cute!

    just stopping by from SITS to say hi; hope you'll do the same.

  5. What an awesome story! That's one for the books! I'm sure Ike will LOOOOVE hearing it when he's about, oh, 17!
    Happy SITS day!

  6. Happy SITS Day! What an adorable story! I hope that little girl gets all the handing out of free kisses out of her system before she gets older. :)

  7. Super cute story! I'll bet Ike's a little heartbreaker!

  8. This is adorable! I'm glad he wasn't too traumatized by the smooches. :)

  9. That is just the cutest little story! Looks like you're really going to have to watch out when your son gets older, since he's already got the girls chasing after him! lol. Or you know you may not have to since big sister is there to go after them! I love how protective she was!

  10. Hey, stopping by from SITS too. Cute story. Amazing the little girl is already looking for guys with the most stuff.

  11. funny, My older son got kissed by an older girl. he was in 2nd she was in 5th. I know crazy. They are still good friends and he is in 5th and she's in 8th.


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