Monday, May 10, 2010

Shame on Me!

Shame, shame, shame on me! Its been forever since I've written on or even visited my own blog! I broke the first rule to having a successful blog with faithful followers.....oh, well today is another day and a chance to start over. Life has been CRAZY to say the least. Let's see if I can give everyone a quick update in a couple of you all know by now, only because I say it in every single post, I'm in school full-time. As if wife-ing and mother-ing 6 happily wild children doesn't include enough tasks to complete a lifetime, I decided I had to complete college so, I'm still working on this degree that has taken me 15 years on and off to do. I will be done in Dec!!!!! I'm throwing a huge party and then I'm jumping right back in and completing my Masters. So homework has consumed all of my computer time, in addition to that I had major back surgery in March....ugh is all I can say about that, Ike went from lovin' school, to hating school and back to lovin' school, but he still kinda hates reading, My Leah Pea Deah has developed into an awesome little reader. We have her reading books 2-3 grade levels above her grade and she doesn't even know it. She just keeps asking for more books. Daddy's precious Say Say is still working to discover more ways to manipulate and woo her daddy. She has my husband wrapped around her little finger. I can't complain though, because I always prayed that my girls would be Daddy's girls. There is nothing more wonderful than the bond that a father and daughter share. I should know because I have the world's most awesome daddy. Miss Sister-Girl is quickly approaching teen-ism and I see it in her demeanor everyday. I'm not so sure I'm ready for this just yet because Mr. Ty is using up all the patience I have for teen-ism. I have reached my limit on teen #1. Don't get me wrong he's a great kid but there is some sort of confusion that takes over your child's mind and body when they become a teen. Make up your mind already.....he doesn't know whether he thinks he knows everything and doesn't need parents or if he wants to return to being Momma's baby. Who knows I just go with the flow. Drew pushed a bead up his nose that stayed there for 3 days before the hubby and I even realized anything was stuck up there. The constant drip of mucus and subtle complaining of mild nose pain prompted me to dig a little further and find a clear hair bead hidden beyond all the mucus, but of course by day 3 its way to far for me to retrieve so we had to cough up $100 bucks to get the ENT to retrieve it, and did I happen to mention that this $100 bucks had to be coughed up a day before we closed on our new home. And for those of you wondering, we chose the beautiful new home in a small town located a little further from my husband's job, but the small town charm has been delightful and the schools are awesome, which is the main reason Ike went from hating school back to lovin' school again. So for the past week I have been attempting to unpack our lives that is tucked away in a million boxes and bins stored in our new garage. Of course I labeled and numbered every box and even created a sheet that gives me detailed information of the contents that each box contains but, that whole system fell apart the last 2 days before moving so I still have 1/2 a million boxes that are neither labeled or numbered......I tried! So overall I can say life has been wonderful, and now that I have a short break before the next semester starts, I solemnly vow to happily blog everyday......yeah right, even you don't believe that, but I'm gonna aim for every other day, and in between I'm gonna visit all of your blogs.

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  1. Hey Court..CONGRATS on, new home,
    Well a lot has changed on this end as well. Hope to see you soon.
    Family luv


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