Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dream or idea?

We've all had a dream about something that seems like it would be a good idea, but every now and then we get those dreams that make us sit straight up in the bed and wonder if God is giving us a glimpse of our  possible future, if only we make the right decisions...you know one of those dreams where you make one simple decision that changes the rest of your life for the better, or maybe sometimes for the worse, but then you just never know because it was just a dream, right?

A couple of nights ago I had one of those dreams.  I saw myself on a career path that I have never given any serious thought to, but the thing is...based on my gifts and skill set, I could be that woman in my dreams.  The woman that was leaving a huge footprint on the
lives of those she set out to help. But it was just a dream and I always, always dream BIG and in technicolor!  So from where I'm standing now, I just don't see the path to where I was in the dream.  But that's one of those funny thing about dreams...they are dreams,
thoughts that appear to be so very far and different from our present state that we can't
imagine how to get there.  Sometimes, they are so far from our current reality that we
are careful to share it with anyone else for fear that they may laugh or have discouraging
words...but it's just a dream so why be concerned with discouraging words?  I was just
dreaming, right?  But there's something about a crazy idea when presented in a
dream...it's like a cancer that invades a small part of your brain. If you don't eradicate the
idea immediately, it begins to take root and slowly grow and take over.  Your thoughts
go from "Wow, that was a crazy dream", to " Hey, thats not a bad idea.", to " Maybe I could
do that, if..." to "No, I could never do that." and just at that point if someone doesn't
smother the idea that has been given to you, something inside you should click...that
something called persistence and determination that forces you into "If anybody can do this, I
can do this. I will do this."  and then this idea begins to manifest into small portions
of reality just when you wake up one morning with a big old slice of "Watch me do this, and
do this well" attitude...and before you know it the dream is no longer a dream because its
your current reality... so maybe it wasn't just a crazy dream, as a matter of fact, It's a
pretty good idea.

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  1. I think if it sticks with you for a while, it's probably a seed of an idea that God's whispering to you. He does that with me on occasion, and I find it's nearly impossible to ignore. Maybe sit with it for a while, and just see waht your imagination does with it!


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