Monday, January 10, 2011

I too am one of those moms who is guilty of always doing for others and rarely making time for me.
 I think thats a good thing though. I am that person with tons of great ideas that I rarely follow up on because I have a tendency to let life crowd my days. Thankfully, God has placed wonderful people around me that force me to do differently sometimes. Well this time around my friend, Caribbean Kaieteur was the one who took control and said "Great idea! Let's do it." To make a long story short, well let's just be honest, I don't know how to tell a short story, but it will be short-ER than normal...I saw a romantic but wonderfully sexy picture that my brother-in-law, Hector and Caribbean Kaieteur took and turned into a Christmas card. It oozed romance and love and they had that look in their eyes that said "Baby it's me and you and nothing else matters." You know that look that kinda makes you feel like you caught a glimpse of a private moment between the two people. It was great! And after seeing it I said..."Oooh, Big Daddy and I should take some pics like that!" She responded with, "Great idea! Let's do it. It will be wonderful for people to see the love that's still there after 6 kids." She took control, scheduled the photo shoot while we were on vacation and made us do it. They turned out great. I'm not sure how the photographer managed to get intense shots when Big Daddy and I spent so much time laughing. The artistic Director for the shoot set the mood for us with music and gently directed us on how to pose. I barely remember seeing her or the photographer most of the time. And I couldn't be happier. Thanks Caribbean Kaieteur! In case you decide you want pics like can find this awesome photographer at his website


  1. How romantic! We did a photo shoot like this when we got engaged...back when we were as hot as we were hot for one another.
    Not sure we could assume the sexy poses without feeling ridiculous but you've given me faith in "that old feeling" with this post!
    Found you on another's site and thought I'd stop by...

  2. The photos are absolutely beautiful!!

  3. You two make a beautiful couple. :-)


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