Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Parental Brainwashing Gone Wrong...Somewhere

So you read the title...Don't give me the evil eye!  If you're a parent at some point and time you have participated in parental brainwashing too.  Its a part of being a parent.  We all do it.  Its the only way you would get your kids to share some your views.  Ok, let me be clear...
I don't promote strapping your kids down somewhere and showing them hypnotizing videos for extended periods of time...shake the scene from the horror movie from your head.  I'm thinking something more subtle like brainwashing your kids to attend your beloved University.  This may involve wearing your favorite university t-shirts frequently, taking them to sporting events, parading them around at homecoming,  telling them about famous people who attended the university, and talking about how great your experiences were.  Do this over a period of years as you watch your little one grow and you wouldn't have to say one negative word about any other school.  Your kids will begin to love your school about as much as you do.  This technique works.  I'm sure of it.  Ask both of my sisters who attended my father's beloved university.  My husband is currently practicing this very same technique, he's even stepped it up a notch by singing his school's Alma mater to the kids so many times that by the time our oldest daughter was about 1 year old she and I both knew the words..."Oh Hampton, a thought..."
Well in the same way, I talk to my children about career paths that I dream of for them.  I know this sounds selfish but thats what some of us real moms do.  We dream of our babies' futures...career paths best suited for them according to their personalities.   I dream of having a doctor, an attorney, a scientist...you know the norms.  I'm just asking for one.  One of the benefits of having 6 kids is that at least ONE of them should take the path I chose.  Yesterday was a reality check for me. Maybe I'm not doing as great at this subtle parental brainwashing thing as I thought I was.
After taking baths, Drew and Ike ran down stairs with Leah a few steps ahead.  Drew and Ike waited outside our bedroom door as Leah announced their entrance..."Daddy, look at Ike and Drew.  Look at their outfits.  They have a team and they are going to be dancers, do flips, rap, and stuff."  On cue, Ike and Drew pimp walk into our room in gym pants, shorts,  jackets and undershirts, yes you know white t-shirts designed to wear under your clothing.  Apparently real shirts aren't needed for this career path.  Ike was nudging Drew saying, "do the peace sign, do the peace sign, like this"  with 2 fingers proudly cocked to the side.  Ike leans to the side and twists his mouth like he's straight out of some old music video...and the flips and turns began.
Four to six years of brainwashing and I still haven't gotten past dancer, flips, rap, and stuff?!?! Where did this come from? This is one of the reasons we don't have cable. Where did I go wrong?   This is not the path I was aiming for...I'm going to have to revamp my plans...maybe add props and stuff.  That's what the media is doing and it appears to be working for them!


  1. That is hysterical. We moved here to NC from VA with the intention of all of our kids going to UNC Chapel Hill. LOL
    We should meet up one day all 10 kids running around I think that would be a fun blog post!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog!

  2. HA! That was great! You are so spot on about parental brainwashing. We do it without even meaning to:)) Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving an inspiring comment:)) I'll be back to visit you too!!

  3. LOL! What is the saying? ...Kids have a mind of their own. Which is why we need parental brainwashing!

  4. They are still small so let the brain washing continue. I would not choose their path but I see nothing wrong with steering them in the direction of greatness.

    They are cute

  5. LOL. What a funny post. My mother still laments that I didn't give in to her brainwashing. She always wanted me to be a nurse or a teacher. I DO teach homeschool, but I'm pretty sure that's not what she had in mind...
    Your little guys are cuties.
    Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog last week. :)


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