Friday, January 14, 2011

For the love of milk

Leah with the full pouty face:
Mommy why can't I just go to H.S. Elementary school.

Me in serious know it all mommy mode:
Well sweetie, we live down the street from your school. Your school is so nice and It's a new school. The teachers are very sweet and your friends are at your school.
You can't leave your friends and teacher. They would miss you and feel very sad.
(feeling proud because I had provided her with a great mom-logical answer. Of course I had given her enough information to help her realize that her school was the right school for her)

Leah: Awww man, but H.S. Elem has strawberry milk!


  1. "Leah: Awww man, but H.S. Elem has strawberry milk!"

    Classic reply! :) Gotta love em!

    ~ ~

  2. How cute. Somehow Mommy logic is not the same as Kiddy logic. Not even my teenager accepts it. Ah well. Lovely blog. I can relate on a LOT of levels so I'll be back often (smile).


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