Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tatted Up!

Today like every other day in the lives of the Artis 6
brought many laughs! I have explained to my little
ones over and over and over again how we
are to keep our hands, feet, markers, and
crayons away from the walls. On several
occasions one of my 2 year olds has decided
that the wall was the best place to display
their creativity. As my non-schoolers were
assisting with the cleaning they found a
mountain load of markers and crayons in a
box downstairs, and the creative juices began
to flow! My 4 year old happily explained that
his 2 year old brother had given them "cool"
tatoos. I took one look and realized his brother
had surely given them both temporary tatoos
with a permanent marker....The artist
(Drew Drew) explained to me that the
tatoos (lines) on their arms are their names
and the tatoo on the little guys chest is a dog,
while he had proudly given his older brother a
picture of a GIRL on his chest! Well what could
I really say, I said don't write on the walls and
furniture, I guess I had left the option of drawing
on each other wide open!


  1. LOL One thing I have learned with my three, if you are not specific, they will find the loophole :)

  2. It seems that I should have learned that by now also, but the loopholes can be the most entertaining moments!

  3. LOL!!!!!!!! Not the girl on the chest... too much!

  4. ..hehe..what a smart kid you have...

  5. I can't help but think that I've had some influence on this event. Hehehehe!

  6. A girl on the chest?!! That's a riot. :) I actually give my girls "tattoos" with permanent markers for fun sometimes, and my youngest who is allergic to any kind of metal at all (we've tried everything) and can't get her ears pierced again, I give her earrings with permanent markers. Nothing lasts forever but memories- and we're making some fun ones. ;)

  7. This is hilarious. It made me smile. Ahhh self expression :)


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