Friday, April 24, 2009

Putting Family First: Feature of the Week

For the past two weeks my mind has been going non-stop with things I wanna blog about. Of course the kids provide enough material for me to write for days but I have decided that I want to use my blogs to talk about things other than my children, besides if I wrote about half the things they did I'm sure most of you would be convinced that my husband and I are horrible parents, which is not true....well except for those times when we give in and allow them to overload on sugar, or on those times when we just say "ok, whatever, just let me sleep for about 5 more minutes." I want to interact and truly connect with the people who are actually reading my blog. So, I have decided that each week I will feature someone, somewhere who is doing great things or has done great things that relate to family. I gonna start off with my Grandma Maggie. She celebrated her 85th birthday this week. She is a wonderful wife and mother to 4 children, and she is still on the move. I can always remember her working very hard inside and outside of the home. She possesses many skills that we modern day mommies have let slip away, such as sewing, cooking, gardening (real know growing your own food along with decorative flowers for the yard). I can remember her canning vegetables and making homemade peach preserve. She cared for her family and folks in the community. Whenever my sisters and I would spend extending time with her during the summer she would always try her best to teach us how to do those things that her mother had taught her. I think that's an area most new age mommies could step up in. As we are raising our children to be successful in the world, we have to make sure we equip them with the skills necessary to be successful in the home also. Now a days we don't have to sew our own clothing, grow our own foods and can veggies for the winter, but I am thankful to my Granny for doing those things for our family. She truly deserves to be my first Putting Family First: Feature of the Week. I will be looking to hear from you guys for a suggestion for next week's Feature of the Week.


  1. I don't have a suggestion, but think it's a great idea what you're doing with the Feature of the Week. Also wanted to say "HI" from the Under 100 board :)

  2. What an excellent thing to feature! I love it...I don't quite have a family of my own (and by that I mean children) but I try to put my husband first as often as I can because he IS my family... Your kids are adorable! Stopping by from SITS..have a great day!


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