Thursday, April 16, 2009

A mom's vocabulary!

Today as I was doing my daily school route, I found myself thinking of how elaborate and extensive my speech and vocabulary had become.  After many years of education I now find myself successfully communicating on a consistent basis using 4 or 5 words (or less)  in a sentence. I decided to list a few of my favorites 
1.  Don't hit your brother.
2.  Don't hit your sister.
3.  Don't hit your friends.
4.  Go to your room.
5.  Can you please stop crying?
6.  I am proud of you.
7.  Great Job!
8.  Stop Running!
9.  Silence Please
10.  Eyes on, Hands Off!  (This one works especially well when we are in stores... I stole it from my granny)
11. No, we aren't buying toys.
12.  Clean your room, now.
13.  You must brush your teeth.
14.  Take a bath.
15.  Yesterday's bath doesn't count today!

and for times when I want to be very clear,


A father's vocabulary tends to be a little different.   2 of my husband's favs. are
1.  If you're not bleeding, you're okay.
2.  Ok, there are gonna be consequences and repercussions!

Please, feel free to post some of your own favs. in the comment section!


  1. #1: Are you listening?
    #2: I'm talking TOO much right now!
    #3: GoodNIGHT!!
    #4: That's GREAT!!
    #5: I love you too
    #6: Am I talking to my self?
    #7: I'm telling your father (that gets butts in GEAR)

  2. 1. Why are you up
    2. Yes that is a belt
    3. No I am NOT proud of you!!!

  3. Hmmm....these were pretty popular at one time:

    1. You have 10 pairs of pants, pick another one!

    2. Call me when you get there.

    3. Make sure you wear your seatbelt. (I still say this)

    4. Don't make me come over there.

    I think I said #4 the most:)


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