Wednesday, April 29, 2009

From the minds of the non-schoolers

I must give you background info. before giving details to the latest Artis Funny
Tyler (son - 13) N'yasha (daughter - 9), Leah (daughter - 5), Isaac (son -4), Sarah (daughter -2), Drew (son -2), Mama (30-ish), Daddy (older than Mama 30-ish), Papa (50-ish)

And so the conversation goes.....

Sarah: "Who's older Tyler or N'yasha?
Ike the all knowing older brother replies "Tyler, he is our biggest older brother"....... (and no he doesn't have any other older brothers)

Sarah: "Who is older N'yasha or Ike?"
Ike: always having all the answers "N'yasha is biggest than me"

Sarah: "Who is older Mommy or Tyler?'
Ike: once again he's right "Mommy, she can tell Tyler what to do."

Sarah: "Who is older Daddy or Papa?"
Ike: "Daddy, cause Papa is alot of fun and he's got big trucks"
Sarah: "Yeah and Papa has a treasure box on his truck" (she is actually referring to a rusted, rigged up craftsman toolbox that is older than I am. My father doesn't go anywhere without it on the back of his truck, but Sarah is convinced its a treasure box.)

Sarah: "Who is older Daddy or God?"
Ike: "Daddy, cause daddy was born before God"
Drew, the one who does less talking and more hitting adds, "Yep, daddy is older than God"

You would have thought that Drew had the final word. After he confirmed that daddy is indeed older than God, Sarah sits back in her car seat, content with his answer and moves on to another subject.

I am always amazed what comes from the minds and through the mouth of the non-schoolers.......I wonder if my husband will be just as amazed


  1. Precious!

    Thanks for visiting my blog today! :)

  2. Gotta love kids! They give us the greatest things to blog about( scrap about too! Glad you came by my blog- good to meet you!)

  3. ..hi courtney!...

    ..haha..i like the part when IKE said - "Mommy, she can tell Tyler what to do."..guess that's how kids diffrentiate our who giving who orders...

    by the way..i can see that u have twins- sarah and love twins...hope i can get a pair in the future...

    nice meeting you, courtney...

  4. ..o by they way...i'm putting ur link under my bloglist..:)

  5. they are good for a GREAT laugh..

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  7. Sorry bout that I just wanted to say I bet there is never a dull moment in your house.I have 4 girls 11,6,4,19mos. I love em but couldnt imagine 6 of them. Look forward to following you hope you will stop by and check out my blogs
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