Wednesday, April 22, 2009

When Ninjas Attack

Today was such a beautiful day, I thought it would be wonderful to let the kids get outside and get some fresh air and use up some of that stored energy. So, I instructed the non-schoolers to get dressed to go outside. Without hesitation, the boys came downstairs fully dressed in their costumes....Ike informs me that they are ninjas today and ready for war.......well, ok, if you're comfortable going outside like that, then I'm fine with it. So out we go. Ike is kicking, and flipping, and turning, and rolling, and I must admit he's gotten kinda good at it. Drew is trying his best to keep up, he's got the stance down but his kicks don't actually leave the ground....and thats fine, you gotta start where you are. SaySay, the little princess loves to go outside but that whole ninja thing wasn't exciting her in the least big, she had plans to sit down and pick flowers (weeds)...So after what I thought was plenty of time ninja-ing outside we come in for lunch..I'm sweating and slaving microwaving spaghetti-o's when I hear a loud CRASH! SaySay comes running, " Ike and Drew ninja-ed down the desk,"" WHAT?" I know you're thinking that the muscles in the picture are built into the suit, but don't sleep, my boys are strong......ok well the reality of the situation is, when we moved into this house we should have left that shaky, crickety, on it's last leg desk on the curb but The Artis Family doesn't tend to let things go easily especially if we can get an ounce of use out of it, so I'm sitting here wondering what we'll do with it now.......It still may not be curb ready......


  1. LOL! Funny story. I wasn't quite sure what you meant by ninjas at first...


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