Tuesday, April 14, 2009


So, this morning was such a wonderful day in the Artis household, it is the first official day that the older kids go back to school after spring break!  SPRING BREAK IS OVER!  Don't get me wrong, I love my kids and the first 2 days of spring break were awesome, but around day 3 everybody was hitting somebody, all of the children who can write were putting DO NOT ENTER signs on their doors.....failing to realize that the ones they were trying to keep out can't read, and the little ones were ready to get back to days filled with Noggin, Disney, and pudding snacks.  Oh Joy!  
Well, after any extended time with all of the children home, the pantry is void of any snacks.  So after dropping the schoolers off, the non-schoolers and I decided to drop by the grocery store.  The non-schoolers (3 of them) proudly march in holding hands greeting everyone with a smile and good morning.  They are always so bright and smiley at 7:30am.  I notice that we are getting strange looks but I ignore it b/c with six kids I always get strange looks.  As we're walking out a sweet older lady asks to speak to me.  She proceeds to ask if I have help caring for the children and do I feel overwhelmed.  How dare she ask this!   I am thinking to myself that I hide my frustrations very well,  when she brings my attention to the attire of my little ones.  She is displeased with the way I have allowed them to dress, Sarah seems to match even if her shirt is on inside out but this morning she thought the threading on the inside of the shirt was pretty, Drew insisted on wearing cowboy boots with his pajama top and sweat pants, and my dear sweet Ike was proudly sporting a fully muscled power ranger suit with his cowboy boots....and I thought the purpose of clothing was to be covered.  We nicely thanked the lady for bringing this to our attention and continued on our merry little way.  I think I will continue to allow my little ones to develop their creativity through dress.

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  1. HAHAHHA OMG..I'm sure you were all a site!! But..I love how they can be themselves


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