Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sleep, Anyone?....No thanks, I think we'll pass!

Tues. nights are always somewhat off-kilter for us because it is our church night, so we don't get home to well after the non-schoolers' proposed bedtime and around the time that the schoolers should be retiring for the night.  I am sure that the words proposed and should did not slip pass some of you.  I admit, I am a mom of 6 that has not mastered bedtime.  Once upon a time when the twins were infants I had bedtime down to a science. Everyone had definite bedtimes that I strictly adhered to....the twins changed everything.  The transition from cribs to beds that they could get up from turned my world upside down.  Well anyway, last night after putting everyone to bed, including my hubby, I drifted off watching some re-runs of Law and Order.  Around 4am I awake to the sound of giggles, Noggin, and feet scurrying across the carpet.  I turn off the tv b/c surely there is no one awake in my house at 4am!  Who am I kidding, I should have gotten up then, of course there are two some ones awake at 4am! I drag myself from my room only to find the twins happily painting themselves in fingernail polish.  Sarah had one fuschia eyebrow, Drew had fuschia colored chicken pox looking thingys painted on his face complimented by the bright fuschia patch of hair his twin had given him, and they had even painted their 4 year old brother who was sleeping, he now looked like a fuschia stripped tiger.  I have talked to many experienced parents and read several books about successfully overcoming bedtime drama, but I don't recall anyone telling me to hide the fingernail polish!

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