Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Sister-Girl!

It was 10 years ago on this very day that I gave birth to my oldest daughter, Sister-Girl, that's what her grand-ma calls her. It seems like it was just yesterday (sniff, sniff). She informed me that she is hitting the "double digits" now. Sister-Girl is my one child that truly believes she was meant to be an only child. She loves for all the attention and focus to be on her. I think she was born to be a star. I fully expect to one day look up and see her on TV. She has that sparkle that deserves to be in lights and did I mention she absolutely LOVES to have her picture taken. Since we're talking about how much she loves attention, I think this would be the prime time to mention that Ms. Sister-Girl has requested to be my guest blogger for the day. And so before I get too caught up blogging myself, I would like to present to you Ms. Sister-Girl!

Hello Everyone! It's my birthday today, 1 whole decade. It feels good. I always wanted to be in the double digits. What I completely forgot about was BIRTHDAY LICKS! Ouch! So my older brother Tyler has tried to give me birthday licks for everybody. WOW! Thanks everyone for all of your attention today.


  1. Happy Birthday Sister-Girl!

    Double Digits Rock!

    Hugs and Mocha,

  2. Great job N'yasha!! Happy Birthday

    Ms. Kim

  3. Happy Birthday Sister-girl! I was an only child of 8 brothers and sisters, so I know how you feel. Honestly, I'm sure, almost positive I was adopted. Enjoy your day. Here's to making it the best start of a new decade for ya!

  4. HAPPY Birthday Sister-Girl!

    So cute! Loved today's post!

  5. Happy Birthday to your little girl! Stopping by from SITS to Share the Comment Love!


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