Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm back!

I'm back from our mini-vacation.  I could hardly wait to get back to tapping away at my computer.  With every experience I found myself thinking, I've got to share this with my bloggy friends.  I have so many random thoughts to share.  I really enjoyed sitting in the sun and playing on the beach.  I can't remember the last time my hubby and I just planned to do nothing but enjoy time with the kids.  You know, work and living a hectic life is really over-rated.  Everyone needs time when they sit down and truly enjoy the many blessings they have.  With all that has happened in the past year with Drew Drew and the cholesteatoma, and surgery, it was time to take moments away from our hectic lives and enjoy simple realities.  Now that I have gotten all the mushy emotional thoughts out of the way I can move to the more pressing thoughts in my mind.  On our little trip to the beach we passed the hundreds of signs that are designed to lure little children to South of the Border.  I remember stopping at South of the Border as a child and it wasn't much to look at then, but thats been many moons ago, so I'm thinking, maybe things are different.  Boy was I wrong!  I have this friend who itches in places that look or feel nasty.  From the minute we pulled up I began to feel a little "itchy".  We let the kids take a few pictures in front of the very same animals, minus a few coats of paint, plus a few bullet holes, but still the very same animals that I took pictures of 20 years ago!  And the restrooms............the restrooms had a very distinct school antiseptic smell that took me back to days of classmates getting sick after school lunch, and the janitor trying to cover up the smell with that horrible spray.  After 3 minutes at South of the Border I was convinced the Pedro should spend less money in marketing and more money in renovations and upgrades!  On the brighter side, there is nothing like the freedom of walking around in a swim suit all day.  There is no other time that is socially acceptable for a overweight mom of six to walk around without the restrictive undergarments that are necessary to hold all of this together.  Ahhh, the Freedom!!! Oh, before I forget I will post pics of our trip later this week.


  1. I wanna go there! Just knowing there's a place i can lounge in a bathing suit and not be mistaken for Orca makes me want to GO!! Glad you had fun!:)

  2. Hope you enjoyed your vacation.... Thanks for sharing.....

  3. The freedom of swimsuit? Hmmmmm. I don't know that my behind should be allowed to roam free, but I admire your confidence.

    I look forward to the photos.


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