Friday, June 19, 2009


This week has been a busy week around the Artis household. First the birthday of Sister-Girl, which we have celebrated MANY days, and now its time to add the Twins to the celebration. On this day 3 years ago, I was having hot flashes, and temper tantrums because I was so very tired of sitting in a hospital bed, big and pregnant. I stayed in the hospital for pre-term labor, almost a week prior to delivering the twins. Finally, on June 19, I said, "If these little ones try to make their entrance today, I'm having these babies, TODAY!" They must have heard me because shortly after that strong, regular contractions started. After a few hours of labor, some great breathing techniques, an awesome birthing partner (my hubby), and several doctors insisting that I would need a C-section because twin B was breech, I delivered 2 healthy screaming, squirming little babies. Did I mention that breech, Twin B, was delivered the old fashioned way also. Little Miss SaySay was born first, and Little Master DrewDrew tried his best to stay in. He protested being born. I think SaySay was ready to see the world, she was probably scared that she was going to miss too much if she stayed in the womb any longer, and DrewDrew, who is still a lap baby, wanted to stay anywhere he could be held and cuddled. Boy, I had no idea how much these two little ones would change my world. I have included a list of things that only the twins have accomplished in 5 min. or less:
1. Given their siblings customized body art with markers and fingernail polish, in the middle of the night.
2. Tried to trap the cat in the dryer, as you can imagine she now stays out of their reach.
3. Covered my bathroom walls and toilet with hair glue.
4. Stopped up the bathroom sink with tissue, turned on the water, walked out, closed the door, flooded the bathroom and entryway!
5. Put several bars of bath soap in dishwasher and turned it on, resulting in a flooded kitchen.
6. The twins routinely get up at night together, come downstairs and use a chair to get a midnight snack.


  1. Happy birthday to your twins! :) My husband is a twin! :)

    Just stumbled on your blog!

  2. Just Precious. I'd give anything for a large family.

    Kim B.

  3. How do the celebrations balance with the weight loss journey?

  4. How sweet? My twins are 3 months old. Boy/Girl. It's so true about their sleep habits. One wakes so does the other. We bought two cribs but soon found they sleep better together.

    Happy Birtday Twins!

    Hugs and Mocha,

  5. Happy birthday to your babies! They sure sound like they keep you on your toes!

  6. What a gorgeous slide-show, and Mama you are seriously my hero for birthing a breech baby naturally!

    I love how they seem like partners in crime, adorable :-)

  7. Your babies are SO beautiful! Happy Birthday Twins!

  8. when i saw this post and the NICU pics it made me think of my son who was also a premie! he is now almost five. I haven't looked at his baby pics in ages and this reminded me of how tiny he once was. wow thank you for sharing!

  9. Happy birthday babies! These are great photos - maybe you should scrap them! ;)


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